Being Angry or Anger can make You More Productive. Here’s How?

We haven’t perceived it, yet but it’s true.

sanjeet marskole
5 min readMay 19, 2021
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When we become angry we need a reason to become angry. Sometimes it is because of someone or something. This reason could vary from person to person in different-different situations.

We release this thunder-emotion of anger to our surroundings and make it unpleasant. We are made like this, to take out this; anger emotion as soon as possible from our mind. Because anger acts as a poison for us if we don’t canal its energy in the right way.

Now, after working on my anger management for this long the one thing which I have realized is that anger is not a bad thing — not at all!

But before you decide whether it is good or not. Just ask yourself a question.

“What is anger?”

Pain to Anger

Credit: Vladimir Gerdo/TASS/Vladimir Gerdo

Pain is an emotion caused by disappointment and anger is the reflex-action of a person in pain.

We can’t be angry for more than five minutes. What we do is we maintain resentment and rancor but not anger. And this resentment is the…



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