Coronavirus Destroyed My Life in the Bathroom

I hope you are not doing the same.

sanjeet marskole
5 min readMay 19, 2021
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I failed my exams.

Yes, it was the result of my doings but this virus has also played a significant role in it. It’s been one year since my results came and those wounds are still fresh, today.

Every news channel, newspaper, and everyone has already told us and discussed how this pandemic shook the whole world. The destruction which happened within me is just a drop in the ocean.

Which has immensely affected me.

let’s introduce the characters and the plot of my story

  1. Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)
  2. Telecommunication and Advertisement
  3. Washroom — Battel ground
  4. Me — victim


Coronavirus was just a random virus for me til it hit my locality. I was enjoying those first 30 days of lockdown, everything was going buttery smooth. One day we found that we have a positively tested patient in our colony. This news was an alarm for my family to wake up from sleep.

For our safety purpose we started researching about this virus — At that time it felt like the government officials have handed the job of preparing a vaccine for this virus to…



sanjeet marskole

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