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Shout out to all the Brokenhearted

sanjeet marskole
5 min readSep 25, 2021


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I started to use social media to distract myself.

I started watching more and more movies, web series, and dramas to make myself feel lighter and brighter.

You know what, I found out that extravagance in anything harms you one way or another. I had no direction or goal in my life. I do not want to get married yet until I fall in love again with someone who completes me. I do not want to study further until I am independent enough to bear my expenses. So, what should I do now? What would make me happy?

A human being is a vessel of unlimited emotions and feelings. Everybody feels everything differently. Many things hurt us and we just cannot tell it to anyone. At times, we are the only ones who can understand our emotional state.

Here’s my emotional roller coaster that is one moment up and the other moment down.

3AM Thoughts

At these midnight hours, a person is so vulnerable that every minor thing hits it so hard. We are on the verge of our emotions after midnight.

That is why people fall in love at midnight, cry silently at midnight, have deep conversations with themselves at midnight, everything happen at midnight.

I wonder where to start from. Okay so I am having anger issues lately, I am getting easily annoyed if anyone raises their voice at me. I feel like I am left alone for a while.

My university period has finished and I miss my freedom days.

I am broke, I do not have a single penny in my pocket,

my ex pops up in my mind now and then while he is happily married.

I want to travel with my friends.

I want to change my city and live alone like I used to live when I was studying.

My friends are getting married. I am happy for them but I feel more lonely when they have conversations about there fiancé.

These are my 3 am thoughts and I have no one to share them with. I want to cry but I can’t. I can’t find any specific reason to cry because there are many.

People your age having dream jobs, getting married to the love of their lives…



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