Why do Couples Fall Out of Love After Some Time?

Is unconditional love truly exist?

sanjeet marskole
5 min readMay 17, 2021
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“Sanjeet, things are not working anymore between us. ” — My girlfriend said to me.

This was my story 1 year back. Yet she was not the only one who felt it, I felt it too.

The clouds started moving with me,

birds started singing,

and leaves were giving applauses,

“love was in the air”.

It was continuously syncing with me, with every breath. The way things were getting aligned for me and the experience which I had was phenomenal.

“Happiness is everywhere, one has to put effort to find it.” — I don’t think so.

A standup comedian makes the audience laugh at their show but the real magic happens outside the show. When the audience revisits their mind and starts smiling by just thinking about those jokes. This is an example of how we feel the happiness the real happiness that lies within us, not around us. You may have experienced it when you genuinely feel happy from the inside. And you couldn’t find any specific reason to be happy but we gave all the credits to our surroundings, for the cause of happiness. What we don’t realize is that every single emotion is within us it happens within us, not around us.



sanjeet marskole

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