Shout out to all the Brokenhearted

I started to use social media to distract myself.

I started watching more and more movies, web series, and dramas to make myself feel lighter and brighter.

You know what, I found out that extravagance in anything harms you one way or another. I had no direction or goal in…

You don’t need to wait for capital to start a business. You can become an entrepreneur today!

Is it possible to start an online business and make money without spending a penny? Yes! Everybody wants to start an online business, but they always give the excuse of not having enough money to start with.

Instead of looking for money to start a business, do you know that…

US Presidential Election 2020 is not like 2016.

As we are getting closer to Nov 3, day by day we started spending our time on the internet to decide whom we should vote for? Even though we already made our mind for our superior parties. History is the witness of what a single vote can do. Voting is…

Congrats Mr. Biden

Still, I can’t believe that we are now only a few days away from the final result day, the day which will decide who is going to handle the American administration for the next 4 years, the day which will tell us whose campaign worked to get the votes in…

We haven’t perceived it, yet but it’s true.

When we become angry we need a reason to become angry. Sometimes it is because of someone or something. This reason could vary from person to person in different-different situations.

We release this thunder-emotion of anger to our surroundings and make it unpleasant. We are made like this, to take…

I hope you are not doing the same.

I failed my exams.

Yes, it was the result of my doings but this virus has also played a significant role in it. It’s been one year since my results came and those wounds are still fresh, today.

Every news channel, newspaper, and everyone has already told us and discussed…

Is unconditional love truly exist?

“Sanjeet, things are not working anymore between us. ” — My girlfriend said to me.

This was my story 1 year back. Yet she was not the only one who felt it, I felt it too.

The clouds started moving with me,

birds started singing,

and leaves were giving applauses,

I murdered myself without even realising it

I’m 18 years old and I’ve been on Instagram for a while. I made my Instagram account around 4 months ago, in the lockdown period and I use it just as a messenger tool between two of my friends, but now things have quite changed science last night.

Somehow I…

Don’t underestimate the feature “Youtube Shorts”

Every third person out of ten, who create their youtube channel in a day have this eager to become a successful YouTuber to support themselves financially and to pursue their passion as a career. …

This is not just a list; your brain may not accept it.

Have you ever experienced any difficulty to express your feelings? Because in your dictionary you don’t find that exact word, which describes that emotion best. Don’t worry it happens with everyone. Here are some words from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which is full of these kinds of words



sanjeet marskole

Hi, MediumLand, if you think i’m a writer then i’m not i’m just a highflier like you who is trying to sharp his skills with whetstone

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